Thank you to all of our past presidents:

2011-2013 Carolyn Jarschke
2009-2011 Todd Archer
2008-2009 Debi Hardwick
2007-2008Linda Ludwick
2006-2007Jean Sukovez
2004-2006Dolores Green
2003Dave Reynolds
2002Walt Pregizer
2001Carol Berry
2000Ken Crilly
1999Bob Hergenrader
1998Tom Partlow
We would also like to thank the Past Presidents of the Independent Administrators Association (IAA), our predecessor organization:
 Richard Biles
George Gazulis
Robert Rath
Dave Lungren
Mark Reynolds
Mary Ann Wessel
Larry Felion
Leland Wolf
Sue Meador
James Dunathan
Larry Carter
Lynn Boyd
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