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Navigating your Virtual Workplace: Expert Insights from Slayton Gorman

Tuesday, May 19, 2020  
Posted by: Dave Anderson
As HCAA Members navigate healthcare’s new normal, we interviewed a few experts on how they’ve overcome business challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Today’s feature highlights Slayton Gorman, Chief Revenue Officer of Payer Compass, where he discusses the importance of a comfortable home office and teamwork.
During the past couple weeks, what were some of your challenges your organization has faced? How did you and your team overcome those challenges?
Payer Compass had two top priorities during this challenging time – taking care of our clients and taking care of our team. We needed to get everyone set up to work from home while assuring our clients that business would continue as usual. To ensure that our client partners would see no lag in claim processing, our team quickly researched and loaded all COVID-19 related HCPCS codes, diagnosis codes, lab codes, and rates. Our Compliance team worked with our Development and QA teams to get them quickly tested and loaded into our software and we were ready for processing well before any claims came through to process. New codes and updates are continuously released by CMS and we are staying on top of these for immediate loading to our Visium™ platform. 
What are some of the positive things about our new reality? 
A positive side of our new reality is that Payer Compass has been able to demonstrate how our robust technology enabled our employees to immediately transition to a work from home environment. This was accomplished without any interruption of service to our clients. We have completed several software release cycles while completely remote as well as complete implementations remotely, which has allowed our clients to garner the savings of our product and fee structure. We’ve also gained some additional exposure and newfound appreciation for our technical communication resources – lots of online meetings, Microsoft Teams chats and calls with kids and dogs in the background – good times!
 How are you keeping yourself busy in your time away from work?
With work and my personal life all under one roof, it can be challenging to find the balance, but it’s still important. I love spending quality time with my daughter. We like to step outside and shoot some hoops together while enjoying the springtime weather.
Do you have any tips or tricks for creating an ideal home office?
Embrace the home office set up you have, as there is no truly perfect short-term space. When deciding on your workspace location, whether it’s your home office, dining table, or even your recliner – choose a comfortable spot that you can focus on your work, and try not to break that routine. Keep your space free of clutter as a messy workspace can cause a lack of focus and creativity. Ensure that your workspace is quiet and free of distractions, especially when taking conference calls. But remember – even if you have a quiet workspace designated, the person on the other end of the line may still hear your dog barking or your child talking in the background. Don’t stress, it happens.
What challenges do you see coming up for employees over the next eight weeks? What do you recommend to the members of HCAA as ideas for helping their employees?
Like many organizations, the cancellation of all industry conferences and trade shows presented a huge challenge to overcome. How were we going to go from planning engagement opportunities in-person to completely digital overnight? My recommendation is to leverage the latest in technology. Focus on your digital platforms to keep in communication with your clients and employees. Continue to attend virtual conferences and watch live streams and pre-recorded videos. With so much uncertainty at the moment, keeping connected with other industry professionals can digitally provide assurance that you are not facing the same uncertainty alone.
What is the flip side of the challenges? Specifically, what are the opportunities you see as an outcome of the pandemic for how the members of HCAA do business, address culture in their organizations, support employees going forward?
The flip side is that like many members of HCAA, our business had to become accustomed to a virtual world very quickly. I believe as an outcome of this, people will be more well-versed in technology and discovering creative ways to use available resources to our advantage.
Our Sales and Marketing team recently had a team summit – completely virtual. Months of planning went into this, and the 2-day session was set to take place in early March. Days before the event, we transitioned to working from our homes. Instead of canceling the event that we were looking forward to for so long, we decided to move forward with it anyway. We were still able to connect, share ideas and knowledge, and team-build all from the comfort of our homes. This is something I recommend – continue on with team meetings and team-building exercises, have a virtual happy hour, and get creative with virtual ways to keep the company culture you enjoy while in the office.  

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