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HCAA Membership




Experience the Value of Connection!


HCAA welcomes two categories of membership:

  • Regular Members : all third-party administrators (any business entity regularly engaged in third party administration of health care benefits plans, including FSA, COBRA, HRA, and HSA),and plan sponsors (a plan sponsor is a designated party, usually a company or employer, that sets up a healthcare plan, for the benefit of the organization's employees). A regular member may be further defined as either the above definition or as:

    - Parent Company Regular Member: Regular member which meets the criteria that its organization has a parent company, with legal subsidiaries, with the same or a different name, without regard to location.
  • Affiliate Members : the industry organizations who support our Regular Members. These industry organizations include, but are not limited to:
    • Pharmacy Benefits Managers
    • Stop Loss Insurance Carriers
    • Broker/Agents/Consultants
    • General Underwriters
    • Preferred Provider Organizers
    • Healthcare Consultants
    • Software/Hardware Providers
    • Medical Management Organizations
    • Legal Counsel

- Parent Company Affiliate Member: Affiliate member which meets the criteria that its organization has a parent company, with legal subsidiaries, with the same or a different name, without regard to location.

As an HCAA member company, in addition to our popular events and strategic networking opportunities, you will have free access to valuable publications and legislative updates, members-only access to special discounts on our website and email delivery of special announcements that keep you informed about the industry. 

Organizations who join HCAA report we are the very best way to interact with TPAs and contribute to the industry. Take advantage of event sponsorship opportunities, discounted advertising and website hot links. Attend in-depth TPA Summit events and our popular Executive Forum with other top industry executives. Receive the HCAA quarterly newsletter and other important advisories that keep you informed about what is happening in your self funded industry. 

Annual Membership Dues:

·         Regular Member - $700 (Parent Regular Company: $1,500)

·         Affiliate Member - $900 (Parent Affiliate Company: $2,000)

HCAA’s annual dues membership cycle runs January - December.   

Prospective members joining in November or December will be will not be charged for those months, but will only pay the upcoming year’s dues. 


HCAA does not ever sell or share its membership information.

HCAA Video and Self-Funding White Paper

We know that you take pride in providing employers with self-funded options that dramatically reduce costs, improve health and create savings for the long-run—but ask yourself, are agents and employers really seeing the possibilities of self-funding or are they simply set in their ways?  At HCAA, we offer our members a new and engaging way to cut through the status quo and show your prospects the benefits of self-funding. Innovative sales tools, including a self-funding video and a whitepaper, are included in your HCAA membership and can be used to help you tell your story simply by downloading them to your computer. Become a member to access this benefit!

HR360 Member Benefit

HR360 is a benefit accessible to all members through our Member Portal. It is a wealth of information available to our members 24/7 through an online resource. It provides a Compliance and HR Library, set of Tools, Forms and Training resources that are unsurpassed – all as part of your membership in HCAA. Attached is a data sheet - Click here

Monthly newsletters are sent to members from HR360 with valuable information for your organization. In addition, every HCAA member company will receive (via their listed primary contact in our database) a login and password to your own version of HR360. Your login will allow your company to:

  • Personalize notifications from your state, or states, you want to see
  • Set up a personal newsletter with your contact list to email to your clients
  • Create emails that append critical news items, for those you communicate with
  • Be a source of current information on ACA, on HR, on health care industry updates

This is a benefit you will use daily to keep you, your company and your clients “in touch” with what is happening in your state(s) and in the country. Join HCAA and start using HR360 today - let us know how you like it!


If you have any questions regarding HCAA or its membership dues, please call (888) 637-1605 or email HCAA at

1015 Grupp Rd., #31373
St. Louis, MO 63131
Phone: (888) 637-1605
Fax: (314) 207-0101

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